Friday, February 22, 2008

Inspiration in Books: "Magic Lanterns" by Mary Maguire

Rarely do you find a craft book with a couple of projects you will ACTUALLY carry out. This one is a treasure trove of beautiful, and totally do-able, projects. Several of which I have already completed successfully. I worked on the "Goblin Night Light," awhile back, adding a bunch of underground detail. See it HERE.

I have a bag full of miniature replicas of these:
They are lovely, and will fit onto a strand of mini white lights someday. I have many more to complete before then.

Our pumpkin two years ago was inspired by this image:
I don't have the tools yet to do make "Punched Tin Lanterns," but oh how I want to! At this point in my life, however, with four children under the age of six, I am not comfortable working with such dangerously sharp materials at this point in my life. So, later days:

I finished this beauty last year. It turned out so well. See it HERE.
A book definitely worth purchasing. I haven't yet, but my library card is getting worn from the number of times I've taken this one out.

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footiam said...

Oh, this is creative! Great!