Tuesday, September 21, 2010

::Handmade Harvest::

The lovely ladies at ::Blackbird:: are putting on a Craft Show! I, sadly, can not be a part of it. This pains me but babies, and the craziness of life, demand all of my time and energy at the moment.

Click on the logo to get to the Show Website. It's on October 6th at Almonte Old Town Hall. I will definitely hope to get some Christmas shopping done while I'm there. Perhaps I will see you there.

Friday, May 21, 2010

::About Me::

am a mother of five living in a beautiful country home west of the city. No, there's not much time to spare for artistic endeavors, but when those tiny windows of free time open up I grab hold of them and begin to create. Colour, fine detail and breaking rules are what I pour into my art. I think most of us artists, even after training and careful study, never feel proud of our work until it is truly ours. With no training to speak of, what I do is indelibly imprinted with just plain me. Enjoy.