Friday, February 8, 2008

::A Hobbit's Journal::

"A Hobbit's Journal" was an early source of inspiration for me. I found it in my parent's stash of books when I was eleven and absconded with it. It became MINE, although they did not know it for quite some time. Michael Green's little journal has left an imprint on me ever since. While the book is full of beautiful sketches of Tolkien's characters, it was Green's borders and embellishments that I latched onto. They are bold and beautiful. Simple, yet complex. They are not easy to carve into rubber, but I plan on transforming as many of his designs into stamps as I can.

Inspired by Green:
Knotted Square
Lily Quill

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Mikiye Creations said...

These are brilliant!
My brain LOVES the little details on much of the OLD scrolls and ancient art work...but I can never figure how to replicate, I just enjoy.