Tuesday, December 17, 2013

::CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS 2013: Felted Acorns::

This year, my ornaments don't have a drop of my own creativity to them. They are a classic pinterest knock-off. But they're cute!

1. Grab some 2 cm felt balls from CraftyWoolFelt2. Then collect some acorns from the base of a local oak tree. Or, look outside, see a blanket of snow on the ground and realize it's far too late for that. Then go ahead and buy some from VerreMer, or another Etsy shop of your choosing.
3. Drill a small hole in the acorn cap. Feed two ends of a craft ribbon through and tie, forming a loop.
4. Using a glue gun, squirt some glue inside the cap and quickly press a felt ball into the cap. Note: With bigger felt balls, I worked each ball between my fingers until they were more oblong in shape. But I left the smaller balls as is.
5. That's it. Felt acorns.

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