Monday, June 4, 2012

::Purse Tags::

urse tags! The inspiration came from the tiny butterfly mirrors. I found them, loved them, bought them, then didn't use them for awhile. I think they are meant to put in lockers or on walls in a cluster. But I decided they would be useful for the discrete art of checking ones teeth for green bits in public. 

  • Cut sturdy cardboard into shapes.
  • Paint one side with your own mini-art, or simply podge a favourite image. On the other side, glue on a decorative paper.
  • I spray-lacquered both sides. Then I lined the edges using tin tape.
  • I punched holes, hammered in an eyelet, and added ball-chain. (make sure you buy chain that will fit the diameter of your eyelet.)
For the mirror, I stuck two mirrors back to back, then had holes drilled through both. I added the mirror to the chain and fastened it.

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