Friday, May 20, 2011

::Alphabet Photography::

'Tis the season for better light to take photos by! I spotted a neat idea/excuse to take useless, but pretty pictures at a blog called :
Just stumbled upon it. They ladies came up with an Alphabet-themed photo project that encourages us to take photos of the things that are around us ::PhotoMeme::

A is for. . .
Art my kids made for their new nephew. I decided to wash each canvas with Aunt-friendly colours, (she loves blues and greens), and then had them look through our faithful go-to book on animals: ZOO ology by Joelle Jolivet.

They each chose an animal. Oddly, of all of Earth's wildlife 3 0f the 4 chose sea creatures. Amanda will be able to sing the Sesame Street Classic "One of these things is not like the other. Three of these things are kinda the same..." I drew the outline of each animal in pencil. They painted it in! I think I will frame them together. Or maybe string them together in a wire. . .

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a fashion blogger said...

so cute! looks great for a kids room!