Sunday, August 2, 2009

::About my Lanterns::

Without giving away all of my secrets. . .

The lanterns I make are all generated from my very own freehand ink drawings. My customers describe what they want, and I put ink to paper to create a master copy of the image.
I was hoping to get a lantern. My friends went to Mexico recently. Was hoping for a tropical Mexican theme (really like the red one posted on your site) . . .

...I would love to have this large lantern made with the picture attached below as the theme {sunset by the lake}... It's for my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift... Please let me know if you'd be able to make this happen before Christmas...

...I am attaching a few photos from my travels in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. I would love some rolling hills, perhaps with one the buildings atop, and white-cap mountains. I like greens, deep purples, burnt orange. I do not like pink. If possible can you perhaps include two figures like those in "fosshill." A man and a woman (carrying her guitar). This will be my dream come true. I am very flexible, so make it however you desire!

I apply a printed copy of the original over a colourful backdrop and then embellish the lantern to create the final product. Each lantern is completely unique to the customer.

COST: It requires the same amount of labour to create a lantern the size of a baby food jar as it does to create a lantern the size of a pickle jar. Therefore, the prices do not vary much between sizes. I will, however, offer a lower price if a lantern is requested based on a pre-made ink template. So, if you see an ink-image lantern you like on my site, and want one just like it-- I will allow for colour variation-- you'll save!
See my contact information to order.

I'm looking forward to creating a lantern that suits you.

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