Monday, March 24, 2008

A few ways to say Thank You

I have way too much fun trying to creatively say thanks. In the hospital, my mom-in-law blessed me with a two-in-one gift of flowers in a glass jar vase. She nestled the silver lid in with the flowers so I knew that the jar was a gift as well. It inspired me to give in a similar way. A good friend lived-in with us for a week after Isaiah was born. She and I took a trip to our local bakery with the kids and she was soooo impressed with the baking there. So, it only seemed fitting to bring some of that baking to her. I managed to stuff four enormous apple fritters into a glass jar and offered it to her when next I saw her. I believe she partook of the offering immediately.

I also made use of my *Lily Quill* & my *Daisy Detail* stamps to say
to everyone who helped and supported us during these baby days.

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