Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Business Cards

I have been handing out too many handmade business cards lately: white paper print-out logos glued to unevenly cut cardboard rectangles, with a hand written email address on the back. Charming, but. . . I think it's time for an upgrade. Here are a few I have whipped up thus far, yes, in order of personal preference:

A. Fairy Lantern Business Card. The image is of my favourite lantern, and the colours make me happy.

B. Lily Square Business Card. One of my ink prints in miniature. Such a sharp looking card. No colour, just design.

C.Yellow Poppy Business Card. Happy colours, but it's not my image. Just one off the internet. Very pretty, but not a sample of my own work.

D. Lily Circle Business Card. My own ink print, but soooo girly. Different font too.

What do you think?

There is always the option of printing a few styles and handing them out where they best suit. And I have endless possibilities to try yet, but I wanted to share my business card debut.


Designing Hilary said...

A. Definitely A. I like the color!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

A or C. I like that the first shows one of your items, but I like the lack of boxiness of C. The composition is better. Happy choosing!

MrsDragon said...

Um, I like the handmade ones best. *ducks*

Could you get the same thing done digitally and print it? I think it is by FAR the most eyecatching of the designs.

*******chocolatecanary********* said...

i really like your handmade cards. I like B too. I think it looks sharpe.

sarah said...

My favorites are the ink prints in minature. B & D. Good job! I think the words in D shouldn't cover the ink print so much. Could you make the ink print the entire left side of the card? That look is popular now.